Therapeutic Massage Edmonton


Article provided by: The Self Centre Massage and Wellness

Therapeutic Massage Edmonton

Our modern lifestyles are quite stressful, both mentally and physically. Getting yourself a therapeutic massage is a great way to wind down and relieve that stress. If you’re looking to get a therapeutic massage in Edmonton, The Self Centre will not disappoint you.

What is a therapeutic massage?

There are many different techniques of massage offered by spas today, including therapy, relaxation, and deep-tissue. So, what’s the difference between them?

Therapeutic massage is a bit of a general term that describes any massage type aiming to relieve physical stress or pain in the body. Therapeutic massages are commonly used to treat a particular problem area such as frozen shoulder, tendinitis, etc. Therapeutic massage can be used to treat people who have had minor injuries due to sports, accidents, or other treatable conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

So, in short, therapeutic massages are used to treat pain caused by muscle tension or bad joints. They don’t have to hurt for you to see their benefits. Relaxation therapy is a gentler massage style than therapy massages.

What happens during a therapeutic massage?

During a therapeutic massage, your massage therapist will rub massage oil on your body, specifically focusing on the problematic areas. They will massage you lightly but firmly, to release muscle tension and to disintegrate ‘knots’ of tissue in that area. This technique will also improve the circulation of blood and lymph.

Therapeutic massages have evolved into many different styles and types that incorporate specific methods to release muscle tension, such as cupping and hot stone therapies. If you’re thinking of getting a therapeutic massage in Edmonton, The Self Centre offers all these variations of therapeutic massages.

What are the other different types of massages?

The term therapeutic massage is a general term that has evolved into many different styles of massages that will suit you. For example, deep-tissue massages, Myofascial cupping, and  Hot Stone Massages are all forms of therapeutic massages that employ different methods to relieve muscle tension and pain.

Deep tissue massaging is a more intense form of therapeutic massage that reaches the deeper layer of your muscles and can hurt. Myofascial cupping presses a series of glass cups against the top muscle layer to release tension and improve circulation. Hot stone massaging lasts around 90 minutes and uses small and large heated stones that are placed on your body to melt the tension in the muscle.

How much does a therapeutic massage session cost?

The average cost of a therapeutic massage is around $80 for a one-hour session but varies depending on the type of massage and where you live.

At our center, the costs are:

  • 30 minutes- $60
  • One hour- $90
  • One and a half hours- $135

Therapeutic massages are a great, natural way to relieve muscle pain and tension. There are many different styles to suit your taste, such as cupping and hot stone massages. The Self Centre is a great place to get a therapeutic massage in Edmonton as it offers different styles of massage to suit you.

Therapeutic Massage Edmonton